A Real Rock Lake Monster

What mad creature would eat a tire off a boat trailer?

Native American legend has it that Rock Lake, in northern Whitman County, was home to a serpent-like monster and animals that lived just beneath the surface of the lake. To the best of our knowledge, there have been no recent sightings. But then our Bonne Beavers shared this very true story with us from her weekend with RJ and Boof. Mystery solved?–TJC

On Sunday, RJ and I and the dog, Boof, went canoeing in Rock Lake. The put-in is about two miles above the lake on a small stream that connects Rock and Bonnie Lakes in a scenic spot called “Hole in the Wall.” Hole in the Wall is south of Cheney maybe 15 miles or so.

We arrived about ten o’clock and there were already cars parked along the dirt road and some folks launching their boats. I dropped RJ off at the put-in and drove the car back up the road to park. I grabbed our paddles, life jackets and the dog and headed back down the road. As I approached the bridge, this humongous pig came darting out from under a small tree.

Boof and I nearly jumped out of our skins.  He was HUGE.  Big and spotted and testy. This was not your little, charming Charlotte piggie – this guy was wild. He’d already eaten a tire off a boat trailer and ripped a fender off a truck.  He wasn’t happy. Apparently he’d escaped from a nearby farm the night before and was hungry.

On our return, the pig was wallowing in the mud right at the take out.  You didn’t have any choice but to pull right next to him.  He snorted around but didn’t get up.  While we were loading the car, this small fishing boat comes in with a guy and young girl. They didn’t see the pig and just pulled right in next to him.

As they were taking their stuff out of their boat, I asked them what they thought about our catch and pointed at the pig. They looked over and both jumped about 12 feet in the air. That was one big pig.

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