Spokane: A Political History

As we headed toward this year’s city elections, I asked long-time journalist and Spokane historian Bill Stimson if we could re-publish his ten-part series on Spokane’s political history, “Insiders and & Naysayers.”

The articles were originally published by Camas Magazine in June, 2000, just when Camas and KXLY-TV were breaking apart the River Park Square scandal that had thrown the city into a tempest of litigation and finger-pointing. To be sure, “Insiders & Naysayers” was fascinating, then, as a guide to understanding how the traditional battle lines in Spokane politics were complicating the RPS imbroglio. But it’s also just a fascinating tour, from the days of Frederick Post’s flour mill in 1875 to the “City Changes Overnight,” election of 1999 that brought a new generation of “naysayers” to power, however briefly.

Bill was not only more than happy to let us re-publish the series, but wrote a new introduction that offers his current take on what, in 2000, was “a civic controversy the likes of which [Spokane] had never seen before.”

Bill’s introduction and the ten articles have their own cupboard in our Kitchen Table feature section under the “Spokane: A Political History” tab.

–Tim Connor, CFJ Communications Director.

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  1. Audrey_D_Charron

    I was watching a show today on tv and you were a part of the locals commenting on the case.  I am hoping you can help me with something.  My family lives in Spokane on the South Hill.  I just spent a most pleasant week with them including a few days at Manito Park.  We explored the area around the ruins of the Owl’s Castle at Manito Park.  I am looking for information on the castle i.e. who built it and when.  I write historical fiction and would like to write a story set in the castle but I am having a hard time finding the requested information.  Any help you can give me would be much appreciated.  Thank you in advance for your help, it is much appreciated.

    Audrey Decker Charron

    Again, thank you

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