The French Connection, A Postscript

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While Bonnie Mager still digs for answers to the county’s role in a dirty campaign trick, new Assessor Vicki Horton says scores of her office’s records were deleted just prior to her assuming her new post.

In a story on our sister website at the Community Building, Tim Connor has posted a lengthy followup to his February 4th story reporting on former Commissioner Bonnie Mager’s electioneering complaint against Al French.

Entitled “Something You Probably Don’t Know,” the story reports on new Assessor Vicki Horton’s report, last month, to the County Commissioners that her electronic work files were completely missing when she arrived in the Assessor’s office in early January. According to the county’s Information Services Director, Bill Fiedler, the electronic files were only recoverable because they were captured on a magnetic tape system used to prevent the catastrophic loss of county electronic records.

Horton, in an interview with Connor, also has new information about the bogus tax statement document that was generated by the Assessor’s office in response to an October 22, 2010 records request by then-candidate Al French. Horton says she’s learned that the document was created by a staff person who provided it to former Assessor Ralph Baker who, she says, “presumably” provided it to French. French widely distributed the document as an attachment to an October 26th email that falsely suggested Mager and her husband owed thousands of dollars in back taxes on their property near Cheney.

Connor sought interviews with both Baker and French, but neither would comment.

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