Recapping our annual spring river clean up

On Saturday (April 12), over 100 people joined us for our annual Spokane Riverkeeper Spring River Clean up.  By all accounts it was an amazing success!  It was our biggest and best clean up by far, we had a record number of partners on board to make it so, and above all we left a part of the Spokane River MUCH cleaner than we found it.  Here’s a quick recap and photos.

First off, THANK YOU each and every one of you who turned out on Saturday for our fourth annual Spokane Riverkeeper Spring River Clean up!

All told we had just over 100 people out cleaning up the banks of the Spokane River and the surrounding area. And we made a HUGE impact, as you’ll see in some of the pictures.  We overflowed the big garbage dumpster, we almost filled the recycling dumpster, we recovered 17 tires (2 short of our record) that Bridgestone Tires picked up to recycle and we found quite a bit of scrap metal that some local artists will be putting to good use.

I was blown away by the turnout, the enthusiasm, and the great work we did!

But we couldn’t have done it without the help and partnership of so many.

Thank you Gonzaga Law School, specifically the Alliance for Social Justice and the Journal of International Law for helping with marketing, organizing and day of support.  And thank you law students for being such great volunteers.  Thank you to the City of Spokane for donating the dumpsters AND to the Wastewater department for supplying a truck and drivers to help pick up bags of trash from the areas we cleaned and get them back to the dumpster.  This year this event was part of Spokane Gives week.  It was an honor to be part of such a great mission.  Thanks to Doma Coffee Roasting Company for supplying the amazing “GOOD COFFEE” and for bringing their entire team out to volunteer for the clean up.  Amazing show of support and dedication to the cause.  Thank you American Rivers for donating the trash bags and thanks to Bridgestone Tires for recycling the tires we found.  And of course last, but most important, THANK YOU to all of you who volunteered your time to help make this happen.

See you all next Spring!

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