Photo of CFJ volunteer Glen Gould

Thank you for your service!

Glen came the Center for Justice a while back through the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). AARP Senior Employment is a local organization that helps retired seniors to get back into the workforce. They work with community organizations like the Center for Justice to provide jobs that enhance their abilities for reentering the job market. AARP pays them a stipend to volunteer at these community organizations. Along the way they acquire new jobs skills and have networking opportunities. It is a huge benefit to the organizations that get to work with these lovely people.

Glen received his AA from Spokane Falls. He started his working career as a carpenter in the Air Force in San Bernardino, CA and Minot, ND before moving to Spokane. He enjoyed building things and the satisfaction of seeing a tangible finished product. Glen has three sons, one in California, one in Oregon and one who lives here in Spokane. When they all get together he loves to go swimming and snowboarding with them.

Through AARP he worked in the veteran’s office and at the UGM motors. He excelled in his time here at the Center for Justice working the front desk. He rapidly picked up the skills needed for this important and sometimes difficult job. His pleasant demeanor and empathetic nature quickly made him an invaluable asset. The clients as well as the staff loved working with him. Glen is also an avid cyclist and frequently rode to work. This dedication to the environment and his health was inspiring.

Though we really appreciated having Glen work with us for the time did, AARP likes to expose their workers a variety of places to gain experience, and so he moved on to another organization. Glen enjoyed his time here and says, “My experience with the Center for Justice has left me feeling proud to have been a small part of what they do. The genuine care that is exhibited by the staff is contagious.” Glen will be greatly missed but we wish him well on his next adventure.

As a non-profit, the Center for Justice relies greatly on the contributions of volunteers. We are currently updating a new page on our website that will list our current agency needs across all departments. The tasks will require a broad cross-section skills and experience.   We value the addition of diverse backgrounds whether it be represented by ethnicity, age, physical abilities, lifestyles, education, previously incarcerated, religion, or, you name it! We welcome and celebrate the added value that each individual brings. If you are interested in volunteering for us, please visit the volunteer page.



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