Instructions for Relicensing Enrollment

Basic Instructions for Center For Justice Relicensing Program

keyscolor1) Call the Center for Justice at (509) 835-5211 and ask for an appointment to the assessment class that is usually held every other Thursday evening from 5:30pm – 7:00pm.

2) Bring these 6 items to the assessment.

a. A valid state issued Photo ID

b. Copy of Defendant Case History which can be obtained from the Public Safety Building at 1100 W. Mallon at the Cashier’s window – must be a full page showing all the fine amounts owed. There is no fee for that document.

c. A copy of a complete driving abstract which costs $13.00 at the Dept of Licensing. (Do not bring abstract from the court clerk’s office aS it does not have enough information.)

d. Two quotes for insurance or proof of insurance

e. Proof of income

f. A money order $145.00 (money orders ONLY). Please do not fill out until after you are assessed and approved for the program.

In order to be assessed for the Center For Justice Relicensing program you will need to have made an appointment for the assessment night and bring all the above listed items to the assessment. There will be a Rules of the Road and Budgeting class the following Thursday after your assessment that is held from 9am to 12pm at the Center For Justice conference room. The Rules/Budgeting class is a mandatory class required by the courts.

The Center for Justice is in the Community Building, Third Floor, 35 W. Main Avenue on the corner of Browne & Main, a block south of the new Spokane Convention Center.