Housing Policy

iStock_000019694428SmallAlong with food, water, and clothing, shelter is a basic human need. At the Center for Justice our housing work is about more than just preventing homelessness – we believe that everyone should have access to a safe, healthy, affordable home.

Center for Justice attorneys and advocates work with low-income clients to address problems with housing discrimination, unsafe/unhealthy housing conditions, public housing benefits, and other landlord-tenant issues.

Also, based on information we get from our clients and those that serve them, the Center for Justice works locally and statewide to advocate for policies and programs that make safe, healthy, affordable housing more available and respects the needs of those experiencing homelessness.

Unfortunately, we can only help a small fraction of the people who need help. Check out Other Places to Get Help or see below for information that will help you become your own advocate:
Washington Law Help
Solid Ground Tenant Services
Tenants Union
Northwest Fair Housing Alliance

More information about policy issues:
Washington Low Income Housing Alliance
Washington Appleseed
National Low Income Housing Coalition