Public Records, Open Meetings

Annual reportOur government is mandated to operate in an open and transparent manner and we are entitled to seek documents that help us better understand the actions and decisions of our government. Washington’s public records and open public meetings laws, passed separately in the early 1970s, are a product of the “open government” climate brought about by distrust of government accountability and by misuse of government power during the civil rights and Vietnam protest era. Citizen groups such as the League of Women Voters, Common Cause, Coalition for Open Government, and others succeeded in promoting such legislation at a time when conservative opposition to such measures was discredited.

While public record and open public meetings laws mandate disclosure, sometimes that does not always occur. The Center for Justice can provide legal assistance in getting government to disclose information by providing assistance in drafting records requests, helping to understand the responses that are provided, and, if necessary, taking action to ensure that information is disclosed.  The Center can also act to ensure that our governmental decision makers are meeting in an open and transparent manner and not in secret.

Please contact us at 509-835-5211 for more information about the assistance we can provide.