Restoring My Voting Rights

hand dropping ballot into a ballot boxDid you know that if you are not in community custody (that is, you are not on probation or under current monitoring from the Department of Corrections), that you are eligible to register to vote in Washington?

In 2009 the Washington legislature passed a law that automatically restores the right to vote to individuals convicted of felonies when they have completed their time in prison and have served any required community custody supervised by the State Department of Corrections.

The Center for Justice has voter registration forms available for people who are interested in registering to vote and can answer questions about the restoration of your voting rights. We can also provide legal assistance if you believe that your rights to vote have been denied or your opportunity to vote has been interfered with in any way.

We believe that we all should exercise our right to vote! If you fill out a voter registration form in our office, we will also mail it in for you.

Call our office at 509-835-5211 to make an appointment.