River Partners


River Partner Business Partnerships

River Partners is a partnership between local businesses and the Spokane Riverkeeper celebrating the value added to our community and economy by the Spokane River. Participating in the River Partner agreement with the Spokane Riverkeeper is a great way to protect the Spokane River, grow your business and contribute to a high quality of life of our community. Create a healthy river for a healthy economy!

River Partners agree that:

  • A healthy, swimmable and fishable Spokane River is good for our local community and our economic environment.
  • Accessing and recreating on the river is an important part of the cultural and economic life of our community.
  • Respecting other river users and holding professional standards with respect to health and safety of those who live, play and work on the river is a priority.
  • Adopting water friendly business practices is an essential part of conducting business.
  • They are committed to keeping our river clean and safe, and respecting the contributions a healthy river makes to our community.
  • River Partners connect the customers they serve with the health and beauty of our River and conduct business in a manner that demonstrates respect for the Spokane River.

A River Partner will receive:

  • A window decal and desk top emblem of participation
  • A twice yearly E-news letter
  • A profile write-up on our website and Facebook page
  • Attention in local media and in Riverkeeper events such as film festivals and fundraisers
  • Ongoing, Riverkeeper-facilitated connections with other participating businesses

Join these dedicated local businesses who are our first official River Partners:

Sign Up Today:

  • Contact Jerry White, Spokane Riverkeeper at jerry@cforjustice.org