Women Leading with Purpose

Women Leading with Purpose

About the Retreat

Who is the retreat for? Female Gonzaga law students (1Ls, 2Ls, and 3Ls).
Why do we need to retreat? Law school draws the most intelligent, capable and dedicated women in our community; women who are leaders. Unfortunately, the pressure of law school can result in women forgetting or devaluing who they are and why they came to law school, and also not taking the time to build supportive relationships. This is a loss not only to each woman, but is a huge loss to our community and the legal profession. Fortunately, it does not have to be this way!
The purpose of this retreat is to give you the guidance and space to:
  • Take the time to listen to yourself and to reflect on what you are hearing;
  • Connect with fellow female students in a purposeful way that ensures ongoing support and feedback;
  • Recognize the value of placing “relationship before task” in school, work, and in your personal life;
  • Experience the importance of connecting across difference;
  • Release stories that limit your leadership capacity and replace those with stories that empower and enable;
  • Discover and embrace what women uniquely bring to leadership and explore the spectrum of feminine and masculine styles, particularly within the legal profession;
  • Identify one’s own use and misuse of power;
  • Clarify your sense of purpose and receive encouragement to live your purpose; and
  • Learn and practice skills for giving and receiving feedback.


Guest Speaker: Regina Malveaux, J.D. is a well respected and connected professional woman in Spokane with a story that inspires and reflects a career based on a strong sense of purpose. Currently Regina is the CEO of the YWCA of Spokane and is recognized as a tenacious advocate for women and children.
Facilitator: Julie Schaffer is currently the interim Director of Gonzaga Law School’s Externship Program.  Prior to this, she was an attorney at the Center for Justice.  Julie and her husband have a young son and love to play together in the beautiful wild places of the West.
Facilitator: Katy Sheehan is the Executive Director of the Community Building Foundation which is dedicated to empowering local organizations in Spokane to help our community experience justice, vibrancy, and sustainability. She is married to a very special marine biologist who loves to play outside with her and together they have two young, very active, sons.

Information for Applicants

When and where is it happening?
The retreat will begin Friday afternoon, Jan. 20, 2017, and end Sunday afternoon, Jan. 22, 2017. We stay at Camp N-Sid-Sen near Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, about an hour and fifteen minutes from Spokane.
We will send participants the exact times, agenda, carpool information, what to bring, and other details after you are accepted into the program. For now, please expect to spend the whole weekend, from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon at the retreat.
How do I apply?
Fill out the application HERE. If you have questions about the process please email Julie Schaffer at: womensleadership@cforjustice.org or Katy Sheehan at: katy@community-building.org.
How much does it cost?
The cost of the retreat per participant is $150.00. This includes two nights of lodging, all meals, and materials (it does not include transportation to and from the retreat location but we will help facilitate carpooling). This retreat is open to everyone, regardless of ability to pay because scholarship funds are available through the generous support of our donors. Scholarship information will be covered in the application information, please don’t let cost be a barrier, if you have any question contact Julie Schaffer at womensleadership@cforjustice.org.


Thank you to our sponsors.


Contact Info

Julie Schaffer
Katy Sheehan
(509) 456-5977
Attn: Julie Schaffer
Center for Justice
35 W. Main Ave. Ste. 300
Spokane, WA 99201 

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